As caterer, all we ever get is one chance. Keeping this criterion in mind, that’s how we approach the planning and enactment of each event. We let ourselves be inspired by the overall concept for a certain event because, in the end, everything has to fit perfectly: the atmosphere, the event concept, the programme, the dining arrangements and – naturally – the culinary experience.

Everything is interlinked and shows just how important excellent teamwork is. That’s why we work very closely together with agencies to achieve our mutual goal: to design a one-of-a-kind event that delights hosts and guests alike.

We have local teams comprised of very experienced concept designers and project managers in all significant economic regions of Germany. Perfect in order to handle, supervise and accompany both events and our own locations from an immediate vicinity and including personal accountability.

Above and beyond such factors, our teams rely on a closely knit network of service and logistics facilities in nearly every larger German city. The same applies at many destinations all over the world. Because we know: the larger the event, the more important the personal touch.