LPS Event Catering was founded in 1966 under the name Lufthansa Party Service. The airline’s former event catering subsidiary rapidly evolved into becoming the leading event catering enterprise in Germany. LPS was one of the very first to implement event catering on a professional scale that transcends one specific location, which consequently set a benchmark for the industry. But not only that: LPS was repeatedly awarded the title “Caterer of the Year”. Since 2009 LPS Event Catering has been a member of the Compass Group, the largest catering company in the world.

On this page we provide a brief overview concerning the milestones in our history.

Deutsche Lufthansa AG creates the limited liability company Lufthansa Service GmbH as a wholly owned subsidiary, including the division Lufthansa Party Service.

This is the beginning of the one-of-a-kind success story that has continued to this day. Numerous milestones mark the path towards becoming the leading event caterer in Germany. LPS has 14 locations nationwide and is constantly on the road both domestically and abroad on its culinary mission to treat thousands of guests to one new taste sensation after another. These kinds of culinary experiences include the catering for “Das Deutsche Haus” within the framework of many summer and winter Olympic Games, as well as the organisation and catering of state banquets and world-fair expositions.

First designation awarded as “Caterer of the Year”

Founding of LPS Event Catering GmbH

Integration of LPS Event Catering GmbH and LPS Event Gastronomie GmbH under the corporate umbrella of Compass Group Deutschland GmbH

Compass takes over 100 per cent of LPS Event Catering to expand catering business further.

Merger and change of name from LPS Event Catering GmbH to Food affairs GmbH, including the brands Levy Restaurants and Levy Restaurants Eventcatering.

LPS relaunches under the direction of Oliver Wendel. A nationwide repositioning takes place in the course of this corporate relaunch. As a result, the premium provider conceptualises and accompanies the first events involving several hundred to several thousand guests. Among them: the Vodafone Kick-Off event with 2,500 guests at Station Airport Düsseldorf.