As a premium provider, we have made it our mission to create concepts for impressive events involving several hundred and up to several thousand guests while actively accompanying the events. They include company and trade fair events along with sports hospitality or handling and supervision at our own event locations. What’s important to us thereby? The out-of-the-ordinary blend that mixes unique ideas, tasteful approaches, maximum quality and real teamwork together with event agencies, companies, trade fair entities and sports organisers. And in the process we devote our entire attention to each and every detail, no matter how small.


LPS Buffet

State banquets, world-fair expos, the Olympic Games, the UN Climate Change Conference –  many major large-scale events bear our culinary signature. And have been since 1966, ever since we started as Lufthansa Party Service. We remain faithful to our standards and combine experience with a tradition marked by innovative ideas.

Pioneering spirit

We are pioneers in the field of German event catering and have been setting benchmarks well beyond the norm for over 50 years. Our trend scouts are en route all over the world to ensure that success is our hallmark. Always on the lookout for new ideas, and for us the indispensable basis towards developing event concepts that create raving responses among guests time and again.

Personal touch

The bigger the event, the more important the personal touch. And with our local teams on hand, that’s the reason why we have a presence everywhere via our global network. Our customised concept designs, motivated commitment and a distinctive signature all our own make us a truly unique host.


With us, quality extends down to the last detail. Beginning with the freshest of ingredients, all the way to our particularly courteous and attentive service staff who leave nothing to be desired. We are hosts with an absolute passion. And it’s just as important to us to have ourselves externally certified so that our desire for quality is provable.

LPS Team

The personal touch counts. That’s why we’re on hand for you personally and face-to-face together with our local teams throughout Germany.