München Hoch5

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MÜNCHEN HOCH5 GmbH, 81671 Munich
Atelierstrasse 10

“FREIRAUM” (5th Floor)
Total area: 369 m² 
Ceiling height: 7 m 
Large gallery 26 m above ground 
ROOFTOP BAR (6th Floor) 
Bar area: 183 m² 
Bar terrace: 360 m² 
“DACHLAND” (6th & 7th Floors) 
Bar terrace: 543 m² 
Pool terrace: 216 m² 
Pool: 9.5 m long x 2.0 m wide
Total area of MÜNCHEN HOCH5: 1,088 m² 
Wireless LAN (WiFi)
Internet access throughout the location 
An underground car park for around 400 vehicles is located beneath the “WERK3” building. 
Large passenger lift (occupancy for 44) | small passenger lift (occupancy for 14)
Platform for bringing in one vehicle weighing up to 3t 

Set in the heart of the most recent central urban development project in Munich, the former Pfanni factory grounds, a mixed-use zone is arising in the inner city where residential life, working and culture are all developing on a sustainable basis for Munich – the so-called “Werksviertel” factory district. 
The appearance of MÜNCHEN HOCH5 is marked by modern design displaying a roughly hewn industrial charm and spacious lofts. In addition, all rooms are linked to one another, can be flexibly combined, and are equipped with the most modern infrastructure. A sense of necessary “farsightedness” is provided not least of all by the spectacular view across the city all the way to the Alps.

E-Mail: muenchenlpsde


München Hoch5

München Hoch5

München Hoch5, Munich


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