Eisbach Studios


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Eisbach Studios, 81677 Munich, Germany
Grasbrunner Strasse 20

Total studio grounds: 2,700 people

Studio 1:
1,380 m², 800 people
Plenary-session seating, 1,096 people
Convention-style seating, 962 people

Studio 2:
1,110 m², 640 people
Plenary-session seating, 1,480 people
Convention-style seating, 690 people

Studios 3 to 6: 100 to 470 m²

Ceiling height: 10.8 m
Accessible via passenger vehicle, truck & lorry: yes
Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi): yes
Parking: yes
1 electric vehicle (EV) charging station

3,500 m² of studio space for film, photo and event productions on a studio lot measuring 10,000 m². The Eisbach Studios in Munich are primarily suited for shooting professional film and television footage, as well as for elaborate photo productions that require more space and equipment. However, the studios are also frequently booked as an out-of-the-ordinary location for exclusive get-togethers and event productions. Six combinable studios offer usable ground-floor areas ranging from 100 to 1,400 m², thereby creating the optimum conditions for a wide variety of event projects.

E-Mail: muenchenlpsde


Eisbach Studios

Eisbach Studios

Eisbach Studios, Munich


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