The location is the key element when drafting the overall concept for any event. Once the “where” has been determined, that’s when we start to design our premium catering so that it perfectly fits the occasion, motto and desired location.

We gladly advise you when it comes to the right location for your premium event.In the process we draw upon a portfolio containing our proven location partners. Explore an introductory selection of excellent venues here.

arabeska by leonardi

arabeska by leonardi

Decorated in a modern, clear-cut style, this event location with a coffee bar opens up a unique gastronomic vista and a world to experience. The dining arrangements offer six open kitchen stations: pizza, pasta, grill, salad, wok, and an espresso bar. They are the guarantee for a multifaceted culinary experience.

Exterior Location Bolle Festival Halls Berlin


The BOLLE Festsäle banquet halls number among the most impressive event locations in Berlin. Completed in 1890 and nowadays a protected landmark, this brick complex dating back to the booming industrial era provides the perfect setting for the widest variety of event formats. The former dairy with a total area of over 3,000 m² makes two banquet halls, three historic “Kontorräume” counting-house rooms and a bar with rooftop terrace available.

 chez marie location from the perspective of the 2nd floor


Those who enjoy a one-of-a-kind atmosphere are going to love chez marie in Frankfurt’s Marienturm highrise. Simply because it’s the perfect location when the situation calls for bringing about small to mid-sized events involving up to 400 guests.

 Eisbach Studios, Munich

Eisbach Studios

3,500 m² of studio space for film, photo and event productions on a studio lot measuring 10,000 m². Six combinable studios offer usable ground-floor areas ranging from 100 to 1,400 m², thereby creating the optimum conditions for a wide variety of event projects.

ewerk, Berlin


“ewerk”, a former electricity substation, is an exclusive location for individually customised events in the heart of Berlin. An ambitious venue for events that aspire to the most discerning functional and aesthetic standards. At ewerk, the areas available for events are widely varied and provide flexible spatial offers in terms of both size and style.

Entrance Festsaal Kreuzberg


As the name implies, Festsaal Kreuzberg lies in the midst of the famous Kreuzberg district and – depending on the point of view – on the edge of Berlin-Treptow. Inseparably associated with creative cultural verve in Germany’s capital since 2004, in 2017 this location for culture and events commenced operations at its new venue on the grounds of Arena Berlin.

HALL 45, Mainz


What were once turbulent times lie behind this former waggon factory and have turned today’s HALLE 45 into a stunning location. Its history combined with its raw, authentic industrial charm result in this one-of-a-kind atmosphere whose spell is hard to escape.

Halle B, exterior view

Halle B

Halle B in Ingolstadt is an exclusive event location, a spacious hall that exhibits convincing features: uniquely situated in southern Germany, a ceiling height measuring roughly 10 metres, and state-of-the-art technical equipment on an area of 4,364 m². Thanks to the pre-existing infrastructural conditions, all types of events with up to 2,000 participants can be held here.


Jahrhunderthalle Frankfurt

The fully glassed-in main hall at the Jahrhunderthalle Frankfurt that allows it to “breathe” sets an agreeable contrast to the new types of multifunctional arenas in the metropolitan Rhine-Main region. Built in 1963, the domed structure with its gleaming parquet flooring and heavy velvet curtains stands as a manifesto for the modern era. Its futuristic-looking architecture benefits the hall’s captivating acoustics to a point where a keynote speaker or band can equally be presented in an intimate atmosphere suggestive of peace and quiet – even when it’s supposed to be loud!

 Interior view of the location


A truly extraordinary event location is being made available via the Lufthansa Aviation Training Center (LATC FRA)* at Frankfurt Airport, absolutely unique worldwide.

Main Tower

Main Tower

The exclusive, modern design along with a first-rate concept reflect what awaits guests high above the roofs of Frankfurt: elegance and style on the 53rd floor, 187 metres above the ground with an unobstructed view of what bankers, brokers and the media refer to as the “City”.

 Location Munich Hoch5 exterior view

München Hoch5

MÜNCHEN HOCH5 offers freedom for memorable, up-to-date events and experiences full of inspiration, activity and changes of perspective: a unique platform for communication, exchanging ideas, and creativity.

Reithalle, Munich


The Reithalle was built in 1894 as a riding arena, the equestrian drill hall for the Royal Bavarian “Kronprinz” Regiment. Its Romanesque-style exterior façade with numerous arched windows gives a hint of the nostalgic flair that awaits indoors. The eye is instantly caught here by the sumptuous end-grain wood flooring and open roof structure with its landmarked roof truss construction.

Wappenhalle, München


The historic event location near the new Messe München fairgrounds for trade fairs and congresses. With its 700 m² of event space, an additional reception lobby and a 3,000 m² inner courtyard, the Wappenhalle provides unique opportunities for client and staff events.

Ziegelei 101, München

Ziegelei 101

A former brickworks that was once popular for filming TV productions, today ziegelei 101 is embedded in the TV landscape of prestigious studios and functions as a location for events in a special surroundings.