Glamorous gala event, state banquet, world-fair expo or major corporate event. Dignified, futuristic, puristic, opulent, whimsical or stylish – at LPS, we stage every occasion tastefully to meet the highest standards.

Time and again, our head chefs like nothing better than to let themselves be inspired anew by the motto and overall concept for a given event. Ingredients, preparation – everything has to be “just right” and fit in perfectly with the occasion and atmosphere. They contribute their part so that guests discover new themes and worlds on a culinary level, too.

Our locations form the backdrop and can be found in all of Germany’s urban metropolises. Industrial charm, modern architecture or steeped in history – we provide you with the right location for your event. Our local teams are on hand for you at all times, personally and face-to-face, to stand by you with professional advice and effective support.

All to the benefit of a successful event that makes both clients and guests equally happy.

We look forward to hearing from you

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exclusive dessert