Evening Event

Case Study


On the 3rd and 4th of May, 2018, LPS Event Catering catered the Vodafone Sales Kick-Off for 2,500 guests at Station Airport Düsseldorf. With a perfect view of the aircraft taking off into the sunset, simply the fitting location for this dynamic kick-off event.

The invited sales representatives and shop sales personnel from Vodafone were welcomed – equally fitting to match the location – with finger food from an airline trolley. Shortly afterwards there was food from a buffet: buckwheat & chickpea pralines with maize cream and bergamot, gnocchi with crunchy rocket salad, juicy American beef, tender gilthead sea bream or chocolate mousse with candied olives and orange sauce – in a culinary sense, nothing was left to be desired.

13 barkeepers, 28 chefs, 60 service staff and 12 logistics specialists provided for a memorable experience. And in its capacity as caterer, while doing the providing it was a particular honour for LPS to be allowed to cater the last event held at this lovely location. Due to reasons dealing with security, its vicinity to the airport means that the location will no longer be utilised for events in the future.

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