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“At the UN Climate Change Conference 2017 in Bonn, LPS demonstrated to the world with its one-of-a-kind performance by an experienced event caterer that it had never left. It was precisely the opposite: the company displayed the extraordinary power that it has also been making use of since the turn of the year to reposition LPS,” as Managing Director Oliver Wendel commented while looking back on the gigantic event.

Dozens of chefs, hundreds of waiters, waitresses and logistics specialists, eco-friendly regional products – the climate change summit hosted by Fiji in Bonn posed a huge challenge that LPS Event Catering mastered par excellence.

As a result, last November the cooking went on for seven days from early in the morning till late at night to cater for thousands of visitors at the climate change conference.

They included upper-echelon VIPs such as Al Gore, former vice-president of the USA and environmental protectionist, Arnold Schwarzenegger, film star and former US politician, Emmanuel Macron, the president of France, as well as Barbara Hendricks, the German federal minister for the environment, nature conservation and nuclear safety at the time.


It goes without saying that the cooking for the celebrities involved added extras. Al Gore, for example, came to the conference on a clear-cut mission: “We’ll try to make progress.” To him, progress in the matter of the climate stood and still stands first and foremost. His preference for food was appropriate, and he was served a vegan dish: a couscous fritter with artichoke ragout.

The other visitors at the conference – around 4,000 daily in the Bonn Zone in the Rheinaue district alone – equally enjoyed the predominantly vegetarian meals from LPS Event Catering. “Very delicious, it’s great,” they raved when talking about the food. There were new creations each and every day in the canteens and at the food court. “We’re trying to make everything possible for our special guests,” said Head Chef Drazen Brujic in explaining their efforts.

With an eye to visitors at the conference, the catchphrase was: leave nothing to be desired. Everything was supposed to function smoothly. Among other features, that’s why LPS had its own checkout system on-site which made it possible to pay conveniently via credit card, too. At the Hospitality Desk, special wishes could be discussed on short notice, then made a reality directly afterwards. Every nook and cranny of the space available to LPS was utilised sensibly working in close co-operation with the agency in charge of this event in a class all its own.


Things weren’t just supposed to taste good. For instance, regional products, and at least half of them organic, were two of the specifications that premium event caterer LPS had to comply with. “We obtain everything from a maximum 100-kilometre radius around Bonn,” reported Lars Schmidt, Project Manager at LPS. In addition, all of the products stemming from this well-thought-out premium catering had been audited for sustainability. The straws were compostable, the paper cups FSC certified, and the food was served on ‘bio’ dishware. Even the napkins carried an ecolabel.

The top priority for the global climate change conference was given to the greatest possible climate neutrality. At the initiative of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, the COP23 was consequently the first EMAS certified climate change conference: an instrument from the European Union that enabled the controlling of environmental objectives via an external environmental verifier while applying strict standards thereby.


“We brought in everything standing here on the green meadow in the Rheinaue district.  From cold-storage units to all the kitchen appliances. We have a large-scale canteen with seating for 1,500. And we have a large food court,” Lars Schmidt emphasised.

All in all, the size along with the motto for the event, EMAS certification and not least the extremely short time frame for planning and enactment LPS was facing – just five months from commissioning to conference inauguration – proved to be a major challenge.As a pioneer of perfection, LPS Event Catering took its contract for the COP23 very seriously, right down to the last detail. Together with its concept and creations, LPS catered to suit not only the delegates’ tastes but equally made a substantial contribution towards sustainability at the conference.

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