Cooks at the barbecue on the Hessenfest

HESSENFEST 2019 – Catering Hessian-Style

The “Hessische Landesvertretung”, the delegation representing the German federal state of Hesse, had marvelous weather when it invited guests to its traditional Summer Party in the capital city on June 4th. LPS Event Catering fittingly provided for a delectable buffet offering grilled Hessian specialities.

2,000 invited guests spread out across the garden and interior of the delegation’s complex in Berlin. With 33°C prevailing outdoors, the spacious lovely garden served as an ideal setting. Among the guests were high-ranking politicians, including none other than Chancellor Angela Merkel and Volker Bouffier, the premier of Hesse. 

Alongside the classic “Frankfurter Green Sauce” with its variety of herbs and a first-rate potato salad, the buffet offered “Apfelbratwurst” apple & pork sausage, grilled salmon and many other delicacies. The Hessian regional products fit perfectly into the concept for the event.

Thanks to the logistics planned and delivered by LPS down to the last detail, everything ran on schedule. The chefs from LPS did a splendid job, too. Together with an LPS team of 25 assigned for the event, they ensured recurring moments of pleasure and “used every trick in the book” to pamper the guests’ palates. 

When all was said and done, the guests were delighted not only by the excellent regional dishes. The smooth implementation and good organisation received praise as well. From start to finish, a felicitous summer day Hessian-style in the heart of Berlin.